C++ Unordered_map Example | Unordered_map In C++ Tutorial is today’s topic. Unordered map containers are used to store elements in the form of key-value pairs. The data types of both the key values and the mapped values can either be predefined or executed at the time, and values are inserted into the container. In unordered… (0 comment)

C++ Exception Handling Example | Exception Handling In C++. Exceptions provide a method to react to exceptional circumstances and errors (like runtime errors) inside the programs by transfer control to special functions called handlers. A portion of the code is placed under the exception inspection for catching the exception. This technology offers a securely integrated… (0 comment)

Type Conversion in C++ Example | C++ Type Conversion Tutorial is today’s topic. Type conversion is the conversion of one type into another type in C++. Type conversion is done to make one variable of one type compatible with the other variable which of a different kind for a single operation. For example, we have… (0 comment)

Operator Overloading in C++ is today’s topic. C++ allows us to specify more than one definition for an operator in the same scope and we call it operator overloading. Another way of defining the operator overloading is that when the operator is overloaded with multiple jobs, it is known as operator overloading. Operator overloading is the… (0 comment)

Constructor Overloading in C++ is today’s topic. Before understanding constructor overloading, we first need to understand what are constructors.  Constructors are unique methods which are invoked automatically when we create an object of the class. The primary purpose of the constructors is to initialize data members of the new object. Constructor Overloading In C++ In C++,… (0 comment)

Function Overloading in C++ Tutorial With Example. Before understanding function overloading, we first need to understand what is a function. A function is a segment of codes which is used to perform specific tasks single or multiple times. Function eases the work of writing similar code multiple times. Function refers to the segment that groups… (0 comment)

C++ Friend Function Example | Friend Function In C++ is today’s topic. A friend function is used to access the private and protected members of the class.  Private and Protected data members of the class can only be accessed through member functions of that particular class, but through the friend function, we can access those… (0 comment)