SQL Wildcard Characters Example | SQL Wildcard Operators Tutorial is today’s topic. SQL wildcard characters are used for substituting one or more characters in a string. Wildcard operators or you can say characters are used with LIKE operators. The like operator is used with where clause for searching some specified pattern from a column. If… (0 comment)

SQL Distinct Keyword Tutorial | Distinct Statement in SQL Example is today’s topic. The SQL distinct keyword is used for removing duplicate records from a column at the time of displaying the resulting sets from any table that is present in a database. The distinct keyword is used with the select statement for fetching unique… (0 comment)

SQL Datatypes Tutorial With Example | Datatypes In SQL is today’s topic. Data types are used to represent a nature of a data that can be stored in the database. The data type is the set of representable values. It is also known as the attribute that specifies a type of data of the object.… (0 comment)

SQL Self Join Tutorial With Example | Self Join in SQL is today’s topic. A self-join is the join in which a table is joined with itself means we are joining a table with that same table (which is also called Unary relationships), especially when the table has the FOREIGN KEY which references its PRIMARY… (0 comment)

SQL Date Functions Tutorial With Example | Date and Time in SQL is today’s topic. In this section, we cover standard date functions in SQL. The different database system has different formats for date type data, and each RDBMS may employ different date functions, and there may also be differences in the syntax for each… (0 comment)

SQL JOINS Tutorial For Beginners | SQL JOINS Example is today’s topic. SQL is the special-purpose programming language designed for managing information in the relational database management system (RDBMS). The word relational is key; it specifies that the DBMS is organized in such a way that there are clear relations defined between the different sets… (0 comment)