Super Keyword In Java Tutorial | Java Super Keyword Example is today’s topic. The super keyword in Java is the reference variable that is used to refer the parent class objects. Java “super” keyword came into the picture with a concept of Inheritance. Super is a reference variable that is used to indicate an immediate parent… (0 comment)

Java Data Types Tutorial | Data Types in Java Explained is today’s topic. As we all know, Java is statically typed language, we always need to define a keyword, that which type of the variable is and that keyword is called DataType. We declare data type before a variable. For example, int x; here int is… (0 comment)

Java Collections Tutorial With Example | Collections in Java is today’s topic. The Java Collections Framework was introduced by the J2SE 1.2. It was introduced to standardize how groups of objects are handled. Before the release of the Collections Framework, Java provided the use of ad hoc classes such as Dictionary, Vector, Stack, and Properties… (0 comment)