Essa O'Shea in Romantic Drama 'We Used To Know Each Other' Trailer

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We Used to Know Each Other Trailer

“What is it? Just say it… I’m here…” Caterpillar Event has released an official trailer for an indie romantic drama titled We Used to Know Each Other, the latest from up-and-coming filmmaker Robert G. Putka. Amid the dried out-and-dead desert oasis of suburban Las Vegas, and after three years of living apart, a young couple decides it’s finally time to move in with each other and take their relationship to the next level. It’s another of these raw, touching, honest looks at modern relationships and how much strain and stress there is. It also takes a moment to try and remind us where all the real love originates from anyway, a bit like Baumbach’s Marriage Story. We Used to Know Each Other stars Essa O’Shea and Hugo De Sousa as the main couple, Amanda & Hugo, with a cast including Sandra Cóias, Ashley Lenz, Clare McNulty, and David Norris. It seems fairly authentic and moving, maybe worth a watch when it’s out on VOD soon. ›››

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