Meet the Cruise Ship Baron in First Trailer for 'King of The Cruise' Doc

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King of The Cruise Trailer

“I am less invisible than most people, because I’m a baron.” Dogwoof has unveiled the first official trailer for an interesting new documentary titled King of The Cruise, set to premiere at the IDFA documentary festival in Amsterdam next month with no other release yet. A peek into the decadent and bizarre world of luxurious cruise ships, starring an attention-seeking Scottish Baron on a mission to be seen. Baron Ronald Busch Reisinger of Inneryne spends his time on outrageous cruise ships amongst romantic couples, wealthy families, hardworking staff and retired elderly. But, of course, beneath his heft is a lonely man, expressing his desire for recognition and validation. This seems like a fascinating look at how much people will build themselves up and put on a performance just to connect in the simplest way with other people. Have a look. ›››

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