Charlotte Best & Bryan Burton in Trailer for 'A Name Without a Place'

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A Name Without a Place Trailer

“Living here, you’ll see, time has a way of standing still…” Dualist Films has unveiled an official trailer for an indie romantic comedy titled A Name Without a Place, the latest film from filmmaker Kenny Riches (Must Come Down, The Strongest Man). This is an odd one. After a young man arrives in the Florida Keys, he meets the girl of his dreams. They escape troubles with the locals and stumble upon a secret estate of a narcissistic recluse, who may or may not have found the fountain of youth. Starring Charlotte Best and Bryan Burton as the main couple, Emma Lee and Gordon, plus Patrick Fugit, Elizabeth McGovern, Chris Parnell, David Sullivan, Siddharth Dhananjay, and Christine McCarthy. Well, this looks like an interesting film, not like anything else we’ve ever seen. I am digging Fugit’s crazy-but-cool performance. ›››

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